Testimonials — See what parents like you are saying about our service.

We’ve been extremely pleased with The Eagle Bus Service and would have had a very difficult time continuing at MRSA without it. Our daughter has a great time riding the bus and I have a great time not dealing with the drop off/pick up process at school! ;-) The Eagle Bus enables me to get to my office as scheduled and minimizes the disruption to my day. The various bus stops provide us with flexibility in case our schedules change or something crops up unexpectedly. I can always notify the service that we’ll be using a different stop that day and have my husband pick her up.
When we first decided to use the bus, I calculated my gas costs and the time involved (not even factoring in the cost of the before and after care I’d need). There was no question that The Eagle Bus was a fantastic value. Now I can’t imagine my day without it. I cannot put a price on the decrease I’ve had in my stress level from not worrying about her transportation. I didn’t want to car pool and risk the friction that results when someone is always running late or might not be as safe a driver as I’d hope. We’re confident that she’s getting to school safely and on time and I can start my day at work on a positive note.
— Heather Taylor Parent, 5th Grader
The Eagle Bus has been a life saver for us this year. With three children at school and one at home, I was going too many different directions to get involved in a carpool. After struggling through the first 2 months of school, we calculated that getting the children to school from South Charlotte on the Eagle Bus would actually save us time and money. The bus has been extremely reliable, and Michelle has been a pleasure to work with. I would heartily recommend the Eagle Bus to everyone.
— Ann Gleason Parent, Kindergarden, 2nd Grader, 6th Grader
We live in Ballantyne and when the School moved to its new home we were both excited and concerned about how we can make this work for my son. When we heard about The Eagle Bus service we were a little apprehensive for two reasons. One is that ,this is a Private Service and not connected with the school and the second one was that the reliability of the service being at the school on-time every time. After using the service for a year, have to tell you that with joy that we were proved wrong. The Service has been very reliable and the care and concern provided to the kids matches and compliments the environment that is cornerstone to MRSA. Ms. Michelle is great to work with and very flexible and is always willing to work with us as the pick and drop-off pattern for my son changes on a regular basis. Her communication using technology is always on-time and in-time and very innovative. We wish The Eagle bus a fantastic second year and more success.
— Ranjith Jangala Parent, 3rd Grader
I would like to commend you and your staff for all your hard work and dedication in making sure that our kids are transported safely and on time, every single day. I also greatly appreciate your flexibility and willingness to be accommodative when we run late, that surely helps a lot!
Please keep up the excellent service and commitment! Thank You Very Much!!!
— Anu Kanumilli Parent, 6th Grader
Thank you for providing a wonderful, reliable, and friendly transportation service for my kid. My kid loves riding Eagle Bus everyday to school, and he is extremely happy with it. It has helped him to make new friends as well. I also appreciate that fact once in a while, you were ready to hold the bus for a minute or two, while some parents are almost near the bus stop, but stuck in the morning traffic.
— Ananth Kendapadi Parent, 1st Grader
We have been VERY satisfied with the Eagle bus service. The bus is always on time and I feel that my son is in good/safe hands. All transactions and communications are well done.
— Dan & Lori Williams Parents, 6th Grader
Our son has been at the Scholars Academy from Kindergarten while they had the campus at the British American School.
The decision to move the campus a further 9 miles to Tyvola meant a significant change to our schedules and investment in time. I can’t say in enough words how thankful I am of Eagle Bus Services in saving us from the insanity of driving down I-485 and I-77 during the morning and afternoon hours.
Michelle has always been very prompt in arriving at both AM and PM schedules. They always text parents if there is a delay - even if it is only 3-5 minutes. And I hear that they are able to make up for the delays in arriving at the school campus on time.
My family’s decision to keep our son at this school has largely been a result of this excellent service Eagle Bus offers. I would wholeheartedly encourage other parents to embrace this service, helping to minimize our environmental footprint and keeping a local business in operation.
— Dr. Keshav Bhat O.D.
My son has been riding the Eagle bus for the past year. The service is excellent. The bus comes on time, very friendly and co-operative. I didn’t had any problems until now with the drivers. If there are any changes (school timings like half day) I always got notified(reminders) before hand. I will definitely take the bus next year.
— Madhavi Parent, 3rd Grader
The Eagle Bus has been a great help this year. They are very reliable, and a great value for us compared to the cost of gas.
— Alison F. Parent, 2nd Grader