We know you share our concern for the safety of every student who rides a school bus or activity bus. We ask you to impress upon your child that it is absolutely necessary to follow the rules and to obey the bus driver. It is very important that you review these rules and responsibilities with your child.

  • Students must obey the directions given by the bus driver or monitor.
  • Students must be seated while the bus is in motion or stationary unless embarking or disembarking.
  • Quiet polite talking will be used.
  • There must be care and cleanliness for the interior of the bus.
  • Teasing, verbal harassment or other verbal annoyance will not be tolerated.
  • Any fighting, pushing, punching or other inappropriate physical contact will not be tolerated.
  • Students can play portable electronic games on the bus under their own risk and responsibility. (FRIDAYS ONLY)
  • Students can write or draw while on the bus, however they must not put pens in their mouth. Drawing papers must be on their laps, not the seat in front of them. No drawing on the bus or on other property.
  • Parents are required to inform to the Eagle Bus Service office when students will not take the afternoon bus.
  • School rules will be enforced at all times while on the bus.
  • No student may ride the bus unless arrangements have been made at the Eagle Bus Service office.
  • Students are responsible to be waiting for the bus at the designated location in the morning and to arrive at the bus line in the front lobby in the afternoon.
  • The bus driver will not wait for tardy students.
  • Students will also be responsible for getting off at the right location in the afternoon.
  • If parent is not at stop in the afternoon, child will remain on the bus and ride to the end of the route.  Parent must catch up with the bus at one of the following stops.  If driver has to remain with the child at the end of the route, additional fees will apply.
  • Students must report directly to the bus upon dismissal from school.
  • Students must be seated directly after boarding the bus and remain seated until getting off the bus.
  • Students must not make loud noises, such as yelling or screaming, or create distractions in any way.
  • Students must not throw objects inside the bus or out of the windows.
  • Students must not extend any objects, head, hands or feet out of the windows of the bus.

Students will be given a warning card each time they violate the school bus rules. Any fighting or physically violent incidents will result in immediate suspension from the bus.

Students will be suspended from the bus as follows;

1. At the first card, not suspended.
2. At the second card, suspended from the bus for one day.
3. At the third card, suspended from the bus for two days.
4. At the fourth card, suspended from the bus for three days.


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