Q: Will there be a North Route (University Area)?
 Service will not be provided for school year 2017-2018.  If there is enough interest to generate 30 roundtrip riders in North Charlotte, we will provide a North Charlotte route in 2018-2019.

Q: What about a sibling discount?
A:We are offering a special discount for siblings. The cost for the sibling is 20% off of the regular price for the first child. Rate will be pro-rated according to start date.

Q: What if I just want to ride one day per week, or need a last minute ride for my child?
A: We sell bus passes that the bus driver will hole punch when the child boards. The passes come in 10-ride increments. You can purchase as many rides as you like. You can purchase ride passes by calling our office to pay-by-phone with a credit or debit card.  The bus driver will hole punch each day as the child uses them.

If there is a last minute decision and you need to get your child on the bus the same day, please call our office at 704.606.5661 or email us at  We will call to make sure our bus driver knows to pick up your child.

Q:  Will the parents be allowed to have a voice in decision-making?
A:  Yes, we welcome all constructive criticism and suggestions.  We reserve the right to have final say.

Q:  Will there be stop Captains?
A:  No, AM stops will simply ask parents to remain with their children until bus arrives.  PM stop will never leave a child without a parent or assigned guardian at the stop.  Children of parents that are late will remain on the bus until the last stop of the day at the bus depot.  There will be fees assessed at the time of pickup.

Q: What if I am late picking up my child?
A: If parent is not at the stop at when the bus arrives, the child will ride the bus to the end of the route  at the bus depot.  The parent may catch up with the bus at any of the next stops.  Please see our Bus Route page for stop locations and times.  There will be fees assessed at the time of pickup if child rides to the end of the route at our bus depot.

Q: Is there After School Care available?
A: Parents may make arrangements directly with Kiddie Academy for enrollment in their after-school program.  This is the only daycare center on our route.  

Q:  What has been done to insure reliable drivers?
A:  We will have 2 paid drivers on staff at all times.

Q:  What safety measure will you use to insure a safe driver?
A:  Experience driving a bus, background check, drug screening regularly and reference checks.

Q:  Can my child bring food, electronics and the like on the bus?

A:  No Food or snacks of any kind not allowed to be eaten on the bus.  Water is allowed as long as it is in a water bottle that cannot be easily spilled. No fruit drinks, juice cups, or milk are allowed. Electronics will be a reward item for Fun Fridays if the M-TH were well behaved days.

Q:  Will children be asked to “Clean” the Bus?
A:  No, they will be asked to clean up after themselves to earn Fun Friday Electronics.

Q:  What will happen if the bus breaks down?
A:  Safety of the children will dictate the decisions at the time.  Parents will be contacted with proper information.  We have a backup bus that we will utilize at that time. We will do everything in our power to maintain the bus in perfect working order.  

Q:  Can I join the bus in the mid-year?  Stop my membership mid-year?
A:  Yes, you may start at any time and prices will be prorated.  Ending your services will require a written 30-day notice.  Please let us know of your intentions. ASAP.

Q:  What is the payment options?
A:  It is easiest to speak with us on this matter, however we believe in a 12-month billing cycle, and accept payment only by credit or debit card.

Q:  Can I get a refund if I withdraw my child in the middle of the year?
A:  There are no refunds given.  Parents must give 30 days notice prior to withdrawal, then services will be terminated.

Q: Will the bus be available to rent with a driver for other events?
A:  Yes, school trips, Boy Scout Trips, Girl Scout Trips, etc.

Q: Is Eagle Bus Service associated with Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy School?
A: No. The Eagle Bus Service is an independent company that has no affiliation or connection with, or sponsorship or approval from Metrolina Regional Scholars' Academy

For reservations or information, call us at 704.606.5661