About Us

hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg

Eagle Bus Service is a Charlotte, NC based company providing student transportation services since 2009 for Charlotte and surrounding area charter schools. 

How do you get the kids to and from school safely, at a reasonable price and still have time for yourself? 

Michelle Holland, working parent of a school aged child, working parents of students at Metrolina Regional Scholars' Academy faced this very problem. They understood the expensive daily cost of transporting their children to and from school and difficulty of juggling their children's schedules with their own professional schedule, along with the other demands of life. As a result she decided to start Eagle Bus Service to help other families. 

How can we help! 

Eagle Bus Service offers safe transportation for your children to and from school by experienced school bus drivers. Our drivers are carefully evaluated and undergo continuous training to ensure that their driving skills and professionalism, safety training, and ability to communicate and relate to children are at the highest level expected. 

Michelle Holland - President